Anzac Day in Melbourne

Tomorrow is Anzac Day here in Australia, I have decided to take my son to the dawn service at the Shrine of Rememberance.  Should be interesting except for the early get up at about 4:30am…. For more information on Anzac Day please see Wikipedia.

links for 2006-04-20

Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: Bureau of Workplace Interruptions Via Nancy White comes workplace interruptions, an organisation that sets out to interrupt your workday, in a positive way of course. Great for all of those workaholics out there. (tags: collaboration WorkLife HRM) Talentism: SaaS, Salesforce and Our New Central Sourcing Business Jeff at Talentism givesContinue reading “links for 2006-04-20”

Job seekers and blogs

There has been a bit of a rush this week on posts about using blogs to help you find a job. Previously most of the discussion and example have been about corporations promoting themselves through blogs.  To a lesser extent job seekers using a blog to create a micro-brand that increases their standing within a particular industry,Continue reading “Job seekers and blogs”