Australian Online Media seems to be catching up

In 2004 the Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year was blog. In 2005 Oxford University Press selected podcast as the word of the year. It seems now Australia is finally catching on to this web 2.0 thing.

Sandra Hanchard from Hitwise Asia Pacific has published a post on the Weather, Web 2.0 and Wikipedia showing that finally within Australia things are moving along.

While our portals of choice (ninemsn and Yahoo7) both seem to be keeping a large amount of the traffic the news and media category is growing. In particular Digg and Newsvine get a mention (I wonder where tech.memeorandum sits), with Digg increasing its ranking in Australia by over 400% in 4 months.

Blogs have also increased by 178% in the week ending March 18 2006. Finally it seems that Wikipedia is also growing in popularity with a growth of over 500%. This growth is fantastic as it seem Australian’s are finally realising that they do not need to listen to Packer/Murdoch endorsed content all the time.

I wonder how long it will take for more collaborative/community based services/sites to grow into the mainstream in Australia?

Australia enters a new era for industrial relations

Yesterday (Monday 27 March) marked the beginning of the new industrial relational environment in Australia called WorkChoices. While there is lots of debate as to how, when and where the new laws will impact time will tell as to how this new environment plays out in reality.

There are lots and lots of stories, article, opinion, and blog posts on the topic. Below is a summary of some and probably a good starting place for anyone wanting to know more.

Workchoice Web site
Workplace Relations Act
Australian Government media release
SBS News
Yahoo News – Govt promotes unpopular IR reforms
Yahoo News – ACTU poll shows workers fear new IR laws
Labor targets IR laws in Parliament. 27/03/2006. ABC News Online

210 spam comments in 8 hours

Imagine my surprise this morning when I when I logged on to see 210 spam comments waiting for my approval in WordPress! That is one every 3 minutes, probably the time it takes for the script to execute, pick a new IP address etc.

By the look of things it is someone with a very basic script who is trying to advertise pharmaceuticals. I wish they would become more inventive that way at least it would be a challenge, not really ;-).

links for 2006-03-24

Learning like a 5 year old

A recent Wired Magazine article provides unique perspectives on learning and to a lesser degree recruitment.

The article talks about a senior manager at Yahoo who is a guild leader in World of Warcraft, a massive multi player online game. His position in World of Warcraft has provided him many of the necessary skills needed to succeed at Yahoo.

The article also highlights the differences between planned learning (textbooks, lectures, and classroom instruction) and accidental learning, the type of learning that takes place through daily activities and you don’t realise you have done until afterwards. Accidental learning is primarily based on learning by doing and through experimentation aka failure. This accidental learning is typically how a 5 year old learns, and they do a good job given most can walk and talk without having to got formal classes.

Ross Mayfield has also written about the article who has listed some of the extracurricular items he has begun looking for when hiring:

  • Wiki use, of course
  • Playing a role in World of Warcraft
  • Blogging as context that goes beyond the resume and a sign of a good communicator
  • Participation in ad-hoc events like BarCamp and Wiki Wednesday
  • A basic level of connectivity in LinkedIn, but more importantly a pattern that shows valued connections, not trying to connect with everyone
  • I actually think interests listed at the bottom of a resume like international travel or the outdoors still count for something

It was only 2 weeks ago when Dan Farber claimed the same thing saying that World of Warcraft is a good skill to have on your resume. He also has several quotes from organisations trying to model themselves around these online games and their social interactions.

The question is, do you or your recruiters pay attention to details like these or are you still looking at the basic hardcore skills on the resume? Once you have hired these people is all of your training provided in classroom or do you foster and facilitate accidental learning in the workplace?

Sol TXT YR resume had 2 happen

(Via Gautam Ghosh .)

Job seekers in India can now SMS their resume to recruiters. The new service from called allows jobs seekers to post their resume on their web site and SMS an id to recruiters who then view the resume online.

While I don’t see it being used for all job applications, when you need to urgently send in your resume then it might be useful. Gautam asks if anyone has an ATS to track these resumes, I wonder will recruiters now need to translate resumes or messages?

NRN, OTOH LtsGt2gthr A3 F2F 2 discuss $

Actually Gautam is not far off the mark with his question. Over the coming years your ATS needs to be able index and reference online resumes. What with all of the social network profiles, resume databases, and blogs out their more and more people will be pointing you to view their resume instead of sending it to you.

Xbox 360 hits Australia

Today the Xbox 360 arrived in Australia, yes several months after most of the world. I picked mine up from our local GameTraders at about 12:03am this morning we have been playing it all day. (As it is school holiday here I took the day off.) Very impressive.

Just waiting on the wireless network adapter so it can connect to the hone network. Once it is all networked we can begin getting into Xbox Live.

The only down side of all of this is we now need a HD TV.

Looking for a job in HRIS look no further

Systematic is looking for an employee, but not just any employee you must work with him full time in NY.

He is looking for an Employee Portal Operations Manager it is a business technology role, not a development or infrastructure role.

Candidate must be highly motivated, customer-focused, have a high energy level, and balance multiple priorities. Must be able to think strategically without losing sight of details, and act tactically to achieve desired results. Must have excellent communications skills, both written and oral. Must be able to operate in a project management capacity across a matrix environment. Candidate must have strong agenda setting, facilitation and consensus building skills.

Lost and found and everything in between

I have been on a bit of a self imposed (and not so self imposed) break. I have just not been motivated to either blog or read my feeds. The reasons, several:-

Firstly. Over the last 3 months I have not found many really, really cool things. There have been cool things but nothing really, really cool to write about.

Secondly. I have been busy with work, the clean up after our first go live and now planning for the next one, in 13 days.

Third. I have been through a PC upgrade at work which killed my RSS reader, Pluck. I have installed a new reader (5th in the last 18 months), RSS Bandit. So far I like what I see, Pluck had become slow in recent upgrades, while my initial (5 hours) usage of RSS Bandit show it as very fast. I have also deleted all of my RSS feeds and will start building them again.

Finally. I have been busy at home, looking for a house to purchase here in Melbourne, while trying to sell up in Sydney. Neither activity has been very easy.

Over the next few hours/days I will be posting some of follow ups to what I have missed. All tapped out at 37K feet using Qumana a new offline blog posting tool I am trying out.