Australian Online Media seems to be catching up

In 2004 the Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year was blog. In 2005 Oxford University Press selected podcast as the word of the year. It seems now Australia is finally catching on to this web 2.0 thing. Sandra Hanchard from Hitwise Asia Pacific has published a post on the Weather, Web 2.0 and Wikipedia showing thatContinue reading “Australian Online Media seems to be catching up”

Australia enters a new era for industrial relations

Yesterday (Monday 27 March) marked the beginning of the new industrial relational environment in Australia called WorkChoices. While there is lots of debate as to how, when and where the new laws will impact time will tell as to how this new environment plays out in reality. There are lots and lots of stories, article,Continue reading “Australia enters a new era for industrial relations”

Learning like a 5 year old

A recent Wired Magazine article provides unique perspectives on learning and to a lesser degree recruitment. The article talks about a senior manager at Yahoo who is a guild leader in World of Warcraft, a massive multi player online game. His position in World of Warcraft has provided him many of the necessary skills neededContinue reading “Learning like a 5 year old”

Sol TXT YR resume had 2 happen

(Via Gautam Ghosh .) Job seekers in India can now SMS their resume to recruiters. The new service from called allows jobs seekers to post their resume on their web site and SMS an id to recruiters who then view the resume online. While I don’t see it being used for all jobContinue reading “Sol TXT YR resume had 2 happen”

Looking for a job in HRIS look no further

Systematic is looking for an employee, but not just any employee you must work with him full time in NY. He is looking for an Employee Portal Operations Manager it is a business technology role, not a development or infrastructure role. Candidate must be highly motivated, customer-focused, have a high energy level, and balance multipleContinue reading “Looking for a job in HRIS look no further”

Lost and found and everything in between

I have been on a bit of a self imposed (and not so self imposed) break. I have just not been motivated to either blog or read my feeds. The reasons, several:- Firstly. Over the last 3 months I have not found many really, really cool things. There have been cool things but nothing really,Continue reading “Lost and found and everything in between”