Coffee with nga.Net

Yesterday morning I had a coffee with Mike Giuffrida the CEO of nga.Net the Australian eRecruitment software provider. It was good to catch up with someone from the local marketplace to discuss the where we are today and future of the recruitment industry. We covered all of the typical topics in our discussions; social networking, job boards, job referrals, vertical search.

Of interest, last year Mike did the conference circuit in the US as a delegate and like I have found as well the shear sheer number of players in the US market is amazing. As always everyone plans to come to Australia with their products.

A word of caution to US based vendors looking at setting up shop here. It is different, it is harder than you think, it is a long way, timezones hurt, pricing is difficult etc. Over the last 10 years so many vendors from the US have arrived here only to back out again a couple of years later.

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