links for 2006-02-14

Technical Careers @ Microsoft : The Evolution of a Programmer Jim provides us a great post on the evolution of a programmer, while not his originally it is very very good. Go to the original ( and have a look at his other text. (tags: programmer fun humour) Your IT Company’s Biggest Enemy Another digContinue reading “links for 2006-02-14”

Listings from the edge

Over the last month or so I have been watching with great interest the growing buzz over Edegio. Last week they had their first every public demo at an SDForum online classifieds event in the Google offices. So what is Edgeio? To quote from their first blog post:-

Edgeio is all about edge publishing. It is our belief that services that try to restrict how users create and consume information cannot ultimately be successful. Users own their data, and services exist not to silo that data, but rather to add value to it. That is what Edgeio is setting out to do.

We will be focusing on classified listings of any type to start.

While a bit abstract the terms “classified listing” has had my attention.

links for 2006-02-10

Coding Horror: Google is the Help Menu An interesting look at the benefits of Help files vs Google. I have to admit I tend to give a Help file only 30 secs to be useful otherwise, search engine here I come. (tags: google development software usability)