The night shift

Yes I have disappeared, and yes I will reappear. We just have a little project at work that goes live this weekend. I have pulled the short straw and am working the night shift controlling the data conversion and communications with the client.

Back sometime next week.

(It looks like we will be using a wiki for a bug tracking software during the warranty period 🙂 )

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Listings from the edge

Over the last month or so I have been watching with great interest the growing buzz over Edegio. Last week they had their first every public demo at an SDForum online classifieds event in the Google offices. So what is Edgeio? To quote from their first blog post:-

Edgeio is all about edge publishing. It is our belief that services that try to restrict how users create and consume information cannot ultimately be successful. Users own their data, and services exist not to silo that data, but rather to add value to it. That is what Edgeio is setting out to do.

We will be focusing on classified listings of any type to start.

While a bit abstract the terms “classified listing” has had my attention.

BusinessWeek Online has a great summary of the Edgeio demo which begins to give you an idea of what they are planning. To summarise the summary:-

  1. Register with Edgeio
  2. Post an ad on your blog
  3. Tag it with a predetermined tag “listing” to start with (aka microformats and structured blogging)
  4. Edgeio picks up your item, pings your site and you are off and running
  5. Wait
  6. Sell

Now buyers get tools as well that allow them to search for listings, narrow in on a geography, filter by tags and view the original post.

The tech blogosphere is awash with posts on the topic as they see this new start up as a disruptive move in the classifieds business (Craigslist, eBay, Google Base etc). There are even photos appearing on Flickr from Australia’s very own Kevin Leversee of PandoraSquared.

But what does it mean to job classifieds?

If the tag “listing+job” is used on a blog post we suddenly get a whole new marketplace, I am not sure if it a marketplace that they want to be in. Blogging tools could begin to replace high end corporate job boards allowing recruiters (or managers in smaller firms) to easily post jobs without the need to of specialised software or technical help. Search tools could aggregate the data and provide results back to job seekers. Ok, they can do that today and vertical search is picking up the jobs but this is a new spin on the whole process. Looking further if you take the services being offered by blog search engines, tagging tools like and sharing services such as Zingee and a wiki, most people with half a technical brain could build their own eRecruitment tool for their SME.

Further Edegio will be adding a reputation system which will add to the whole experience. Can Edegio handle the multiple layers/levels of tags that would be required to really get job ads going I am not sure but this is certainly something to watch.

The moves in the online classified market over the last 6 – 12 months definitely mean that this is an area to keep an eye on as the potential disruption to traditional job boards and eRecruitment vendors could be huge.

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Coffee with nga.Net

Yesterday morning I had a coffee with Mike Giuffrida the CEO of nga.Net the Australian eRecruitment software provider. It was good to catch up with someone from the local marketplace to discuss the where we are today and future of the recruitment industry. We covered all of the typical topics in our discussions; social networking, job boards, job referrals, vertical search.

Of interest, last year Mike did the conference circuit in the US as a delegate and like I have found as well the shear sheer number of players in the US market is amazing. As always everyone plans to come to Australia with their products.

A word of caution to US based vendors looking at setting up shop here. It is different, it is harder than you think, it is a long way, timezones hurt, pricing is difficult etc. Over the last 10 years so many vendors from the US have arrived here only to back out again a couple of years later.

Sugar coated systems

Just a quick plug.

I am the convener of the Australian Human Resource Institute HRIS special interest group, which I have mentioned before. Next Thursday evening we will be running a case study on risk management/OHS systems, if you are in Melbourne feel free to register it only costs around $50 and includes drinks and nibbles.

A summary of the night:-

This session will present a case study on the implementation of a solution that has helped an organisation align strategy, processes, people, and technology in the area of risk management. Topics covered include :

* How and why Sugar Australia recognised need for risk management software
* What was their key selection criteria
* The implementation, integration, data maintenance/accuracy and lessons learnt
* Their realised benefits and future plans

A Guide to Mobile Cooking

This item on Cooking with your mobile phone came across my virtual desk today. Not sure how long it has been around, I had not seen it before, it is a bit scary.

Many students, and other young people, have little in the way of cooking skills but can usually get their hands on a couple of mobile phones. So, this week, we show you how to use two mobile phones to cook an egg which will make a change from phoning out for a pizza. Please note that this will not work with cordless phones.

The site does not say what would happen if you used a 3G or GPRS phone! Does the cooking time decrease?