Corporate blogging in Australia

I noticed an interesting article on Australian IT about Telstra and their new propaganda activities, nowwheretalking. offers a raft of Telstra information, including statistics, speeches by executives, blogs from Telstra staff and feature articles supporting the company’s position on regulation of the telecommunications industry. (Emphasis mine) They have gone and created 11 employee written blogs.Continue reading “Corporate blogging in Australia”

Bridge Girl triumphs in blog competition

Bugger I guess I am not $10,000 richer, Bridge Girl triumphs. The results of Australia’s best blog, run by ISP SmartyHost, were released yesterday. The “blogs were judged on content, creativity, uniqueness, and frequency and currency of postings. Based on these criteria, Bridge girl traveling diary received the highest combined score from the panel”, hmmContinue reading “Bridge Girl triumphs in blog competition”

TopJobSites revised listings

(Via On Rec) TopJobSites have released their November update to the job board rankings. The month of November saw a deduction in traffic going to job boards. The OnRec article states that :- 59.7% percent of job sites are showing a ranking decrease and 40.3% of job sites had a ranking increase. The RankingContinue reading “TopJobSites revised listings”

links for 2005-12-06

Edit in Place with JavaScript and CSS A very cool use of XHTML, Javascript and CSS to create what could be the new web interface. (tags: ajax HTML Javascript web2.0 XHTML) Garr Reynolds Official Site A fantastic resource on presentations, brand, and communications (tags: communication brand presentation marketing)