Judge Jim & co.

Jim Durbin provides us with details on the judging criteria in the Recruiting.com Best Blog Awards. I like his general statement, someone who is advancing the brand, where the brand is recruitment. He will be looking for someone who is making an impact on the size of the recruiting blogosphere and how they are usingContinue reading “Judge Jim & co.”


First TypePad and now del.icio.us it just shows the delicate nature of technology. You just hope it is never your system that goes down like this, but when they do you need to work your butts off to get them back up an running.

Seek and you shall find

On Friday OnRec published a press release from Seek about how Nielsen//NetRatings had understated Seek‘s traffic between April & October 2005 by about 8-10%. Given that Seek claims to draw 1,702,485 unique browsers and 1,733,488 in October and November 2005 respectively this is a fairly large understatement! This statement got me thinking, how is SeekContinue reading “Seek and you shall find”