links for 2005-11-30

E-learning gets an A – Perspectives – Opinion – Technology – Item on eLearning from the SMH (tags: elearning) SMS Job Alerts Want to get SMS alerts about new job postings, check out this new service in UK and US. (tags: recruitment SMS)

Googling can get you in trouble

(Via Doc Searls, via Cameron Reilly). An Iranian, Hossien Derakshan, ended up being kicked out of the US because the border patrol officer Googled his name, finds his blog, is not with the content so takes him in for questioning. During the questioning they find a magazine with a NY address and to cut aContinue reading “Googling can get you in trouble”

Sharing content in a Web 2.0 world

A week ago Ray Ozzie posted about Really Simple Sharing a new extension to the RSS (and OPML) protocol from Microsoft called Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE), that is released under Creative Commons. SSE allows asynchronous replication of items among two or more parties via feeds. There has been a bit of a buzz over thisContinue reading “Sharing content in a Web 2.0 world”

links for 2005-11-24

Concerns won’t stop IR changes, Andrews says. 24/11/2005. ABC News Online More noise on the pending IR changes within Australia. (tags: IR Australia hrm) Report warns of massive worker shortage. 24/11/2005. ABC News Online More reports on how we are facing a massive skills shortage (tags: jobs skills statistics)