Is your vendor certified?

With the HR-XML organisation announcing over a dozen new certifications under the HR-XML program “HR-Certify” users of HR technology need to begin to take note of if their vendor is on the list and if not why not. allows users of technology to check to see if their vendor (or proposed vendor) is certified and against which specifications. In addition to the specification the site provides some background information of how the integration is provided. This allows users to validate vendors claims of integration through a unbiased third party. For example if you have Taleo, you can check which HR-XML specifications they support and see they support the BackgroundReports ( xsd -version 2.0) message. Now if you wanted to automate the background checking process you can use the service to find a supplier who can receive the request and send the results back. For example Truescreen is certified to use the BackgroundCheck.xsd (version 2_0) and BackgroundReports.xsd (version 2_0) specifications.

Now this is not the end point in your investigations and nor does it mean that every single instance of these two vendors products will work together. You still need to go through further technical analysis around communication methods, ensuring firewalls, and other such technology do not get in your way. However because both vendors are certified you can at least be sure that given the right environment the technology will work. And this my friends should reduce your overall implementation time and cost.

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