links for 2005-10-28

Business Opportunities Weblog | How Much Is My Blog Worth A neat little application that calculates how much a blog is worth based on the AOL-Weblogs deal (thanks to Mitch Denny) (tags: API technorati RSS blogs)

links for 2005-10-26

Top HR and Training Products of 2005 Will be Awarded at This Week’s 8th Annual HR Technology Conference & Expo(R) The top 10 HR products for 2005 (tags: HRIS HRM) Australian IT – Passports go digital (Tom Richardson, OCTOBER 26, 2005) Australians to get digital passports over the next 10 years (tags: privacy Identity)

links for 2005-10-16 | Social Networks A series of tools/projects on mapping social networks (Thanks to (tags: SocialSoftware SocialNetworks visualization) Ponderance: Podcasting & eLearning Podcasting enters University education (tags: podcast Education rss) Connect SAP R/3 4.6C and SharePoint 2003 Want to connect SAP to a SharePoint portal via a .NET connection with no changes to R3Continue reading “links for 2005-10-16”