A $5,000 bounty, but does it work?

Seth Godin is looking for a chief engineer and is offerig a $5,000.00 Bounty (aka referral bonus) to anyone who find them for him to be paid 6 months after hire. This is interesting because again it shows the usage of blogs for recruitment.

Writing a professional based blog, not a corporate blog, develops a network of contact like any other form of professional activity, this is not a new idea it has been happening in the IT industry for a while now. The questions are:

Has it extended beyond this industry?

Have non technical industries understood the value of professional blogs and are they using them?

The growth in social networking services like LinkedIn does indicate that we are seeing a growth in online networking, but is it translating to blogs, I hope so. Blogs offer a unique method of personal publishing that allows opinion/thoughts to be presented in a public forum where feedback can be provided through a network of readers. Through the use of trackbacks and pings (regardless that some feel they have out grown there usefulness due to spam) provide a citation framework for professional recognition.

2 thoughts on “A $5,000 bounty, but does it work?

  1. Sir:

    Greeting and have a nice day!

    I am vey interested in your referral bonous $ programme as I have been refering for 5 years.
    Would you please tell me that you will pay referral bonous wherenever I am located in?
    My home is in San Francisco but I have always have a busuness trip in Asian.
    Would you please kindly send me your webiste of referral bonous programe?
    And please tell me some instruction,if you find recruiter,please let me know or forward my email or tell me the recruiter email address.

    I am looking forward with you and awaiting for your response!

    Best Regards

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