Blogging makes the world go around (at least in part)

Today Jason Davis posts about how companies can track what is said about them online through tools like Google Blog Search, IceRocket and Technorati. Jason provides a recent example from last week where ERExchange modified their blogging tool based on feedback. While I agree completely there is a lot of other things you can do.

Use these sorts tools to create RSS feeds to track talent. In many industries there are people who fulfil the top of the top scarce skill roles within an industry. Create an RSS feed and track what is being said about them and what they are saying about others.

Track the companies the candidates work for as well. Are they doing well, if the candidate is in the public eye you will be able to gain a profile of their impact on the business.

Use the search tools to background check candidates before hiring. If they blog, review previous posts, but remember most blogs are opinions and the writers are allowed to change their opinions. Personally, in most cases, you need to be careful about holding a single post against someone.

Candidates can use the search tools to track companies they want to work for, and jobs they want to apply for.

The message, watch what is being said online both ab0ut you and people/companies you are interested in.

Multinational networks

One of the most amazing aspects of blogging is the online connections that can be formed. These networks would most likely never be formed offline. Take for example this post from Afshin Dabiri who writes about HR from Iran. I tried to comment to say thanks for the link as Ahshin has done on my blog only to realise that I was unable. I do not understand Persian, even though my browser can type the characters! Ahshin is not the only reader from Iran, Delaram has also commented. Thanks for the readership and the comments guys.

There has been lots of debate over the last few months about the size of the blogosphere, many commentators just cover English language blogs. However there is a whole other world out there that “we” typically miss. I wish I could participate in these conversations but due to language barriers (on my side not there’s) I am unable, I cannot even do a Babel Fish Translation.

A $5,000 bounty, but does it work?

Seth Godin is looking for a chief engineer and is offerig a $5,000.00 Bounty (aka referral bonus) to anyone who find them for him to be paid 6 months after hire. This is interesting because again it shows the usage of blogs for recruitment.

Writing a professional based blog, not a corporate blog, develops a network of contact like any other form of professional activity, this is not a new idea it has been happening in the IT industry for a while now. The questions are:

Has it extended beyond this industry?

Have non technical industries understood the value of professional blogs and are they using them?

The growth in social networking services like LinkedIn does indicate that we are seeing a growth in online networking, but is it translating to blogs, I hope so. Blogs offer a unique method of personal publishing that allows opinion/thoughts to be presented in a public forum where feedback can be provided through a network of readers. Through the use of trackbacks and pings (regardless that some feel they have out grown there usefulness due to spam) provide a citation framework for professional recognition.

A free blogging tool for HR professionals

Over the last few months I have been exchanging emails with James Farmer over several of his different projects all of which get me fired up.

One such project which I have borrowed the idea from is edublogs to create a free blog tool for HR professionals! Over the last few weeks I have been setting the service up and now it is ready for use. is a free blogging service for HR professionals that will provide WordPress based blogs to anyone who works within the HR profession regardless of location. If you work as a generalist, manager, recruiter, industrial relation specialist, or remuneration and benefits, in fact any area of HR, will enable you to establish a free blog. uses WordPress Multiuser, the multiuser version of WordPress, which is not production software and therefore there might be minor bugs.

The features provided by :

  • Fast, easy and free
  • Choice of user names
  • Use of a WordPress blogging engine
  • Choice of WordPress themes (25 to choose from, more coming)
  • Upload photos (10MB of space)
  • and more…

Get blogging in minutes!

Video conferencing

OnRec has a story on the mobile phone provider 3 is using videos as part of the recruitment process in the UK. What 3 is doing is apply an automatic filter on candidates before even looking at them, if you don’t already have a 3 phone then they don’t want to hire you. A great method of culling candidates.

A unique usage of 3G mobile phones, but just a play on existing technology we have been able to conduct video interviews for well over 10 years. Today it is very easy to conduct video interviews using a desktop PC, and IM client (Yahoo or MSN) and a broadband connection. Usage of such technology is very good when having to conduct long distance interviews before you know the candidate is enough of a fit to fly them in for a face to face interview.