Blogging makes the world go around (at least in part)

Today Jason Davis posts about how companies can track what is said about them online through tools like Google Blog Search, IceRocket and Technorati. Jason provides a recent example from last week where ERExchange modified their blogging tool based on feedback. While I agree completely there is a lot of other things you can do.Continue reading “Blogging makes the world go around (at least in part)”

A $5,000 bounty, but does it work?

Seth Godin is looking for a chief engineer and is offerig a $5,000.00 Bounty (aka referral bonus) to anyone who find them for him to be paid 6 months after hire. This is interesting because again it shows the usage of blogs for recruitment. Writing a professional based blog, not a corporate blog, develops aContinue reading “A $5,000 bounty, but does it work?”

A free blogging tool for HR professionals

Over the last few months I have been exchanging emails with James Farmer over several of his different projects all of which get me fired up. One such project which I have borrowed the idea from is edublogs to create a free blog tool for HR professionals! Over the last few weeks I haveContinue reading “A free blogging tool for HR professionals”