Google Talk

Ok everybody is talking about Google Talk, I even saw it on the mainstream news tonight here in Melbourne! “Oh and yes you can talk for FREE!” is the quote I heard repeated way too many times. It is not really free, you have to pay for bandwidth, you also need broadband to get full benefit. The media should of been pointing this out. Instead we get “yes its free” over and over again.

For many Australian’s who might have been sucked in by plans like Telstra Bigpond’s 200MB broadband options they are going to have problems.

A bigger question is why has Google moved into IM and VOIP? There has been speculation for well over a year that they might be doing this. Personally I don’t understand what IM and VOIP have to do with “organising the world’s information”?

Online recruitment – the results…

Well yesterday has been and gone and so has the first Victorian AHRI HRIS SIG session (way too many acronyms). The sessions seemed to go down well I was able to run through my presentation in just on 15 minutes.


  • The audience spent a lot of time writting, this is good
  • The audience looked engaged, also good
  • The 3 difference perspectives worked well
  • Only one question from the audience during the panel, a pity
  • Several members of the audience asked for the complete presentation to be emailed out immediate, a very good sign

I am looking into putting the presentation up on the site somewhere, just playing to where and how (PDF, PowerPoint saved as a web page, etc).

The candidate experience

After working away last night I finished the draft on my presentation for tomorrow morning. My plan is to look at online recruitment from the candidate’s persective. I have pulled together information from several sources including myslef, CareerXRoads, Andrew Marritt, Joel Chessman, Recruiting RoundTable, Dub Dubs, Regina Miller, all who I thank up front.

This morning I go to catch up on a couple of emails and notice the John Sumser from ERN is covering a similar topic in the latest Interbiznet articles, entitled Basics & Basics II. This is a good thing cause it means that I am on the right track.

My presentation is going to introduce that the experience a candidate has before they are hired directly influences the quality of the hire, essentailly the good ones will not apply or pull out part way through if they do not have a good experience. I will then bring in some of the trends from both a HR practice and technology point of view that I see are driving the growth in corporate career site usage. This will highlight the corporate careers site (and of course the back end ATS) is the first and primary interface a candidate has with an organisation before they are hired. Now for the practical take aways. I plan to run through some of the best and worst experiences of a candidate, referencing the CareerXRoads report on the Fortune 500. Then provide a quick 10 point summary (with a bonus one) on specific actions a recruiter from any sized organisation can start implementing today to improve how they approach online recruitment, based on this post.

All in 15 minutes, I know too much but at least the participants will be able to download the presentation afterwards.

24 hrs in my life

It has been an interesting 24 hours in my life. Let me give you the background.

I am currently the convenor for the Victorian HRIS Special Interest Group for AHRI, a group that has not been active in many years. We set up an organising committee around March and have our first public event this week. The event is part of AHRI’s HR Week and is entitled “Online Recruitment – Tools, tip and techniques of Australian and Global organisations”. We planned to have 3 speakers, each with 15 minutes and then a 45 minute panel session for questions. The speakers were to be a small to medium Australian organisation, a large organisation with global presence and a vendor, hoping to provide a nice rounded perspective for the audience. All was fine until 4:30pm yesterday everything was organised. Our session is part of a two day event being run over Thursday and Friday of this week.

At about 4:30pm out small to medium speaker called in with a illness, at 5pm our large organisation speaker called in saying he had to present to the board on Thursday morning right bang in the middle of our session. We were only left with the vendor, as much as I like vendors we really needed more. The only positive is the representative from the large organisation was presenting to his board on graduate recruitment, nothing like “being at the table”.

After a sleepless night today dawned… I had come up with several ideas at 4am:-

  • Panic – likely in fact already happening
  • Find a new organisation on 48 hours notice – unlikely
  • See if Joel Chessman, Jason Davis, Andrew Marritt, Dub Dubs, etc might dial in – unlikely
  • Present myself – likely but on what and that was only 1 spot?
  • Get another vendor – no too much like a sales pitch

Update:- I am to chair the session and moderate the panel discussion difficult if you are also on the panel.

The manager of our small to medium organisation speaker agreed to step it. One down!

We had an option on a new organisation but it did not seem to fit. So now it is up to me I can see tonight being a long night.

My plan, base things around this post and this post and see what happens. I want to make the 15 minutes practical but also introduce the audience to many of the new trends that will become best practice. I know I can do this in 1 hour but I only have 15 minutes. I will let you know how it goes.

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RSS, XML and orange buttons

This is so true, why when you click on the funky orange XML/RSS icon does your browser display gibberish! RSS should be a MIME type or something similar so that when the user clicks on the subscribe button the RSS reader automatically adds the feed. Now some readers are starting to do this, Pluck for one, but it is not consistent. For the average user subscribing to an RSS feed can be a difficult thing.

Then there is the growing backlash which will continue until it is easy for people to subscribe to RSS feeds. Maybe we will need to wait for Microsoft to save us?

Wild recruitment idea

I have posted before about wild resume ideas. I wonder how many more strange ideas will come out of Gretchen’s competition to show JobsBlog (Microsoft and most other high tech recruiters) why you are the ideal Microsoft Applicant.

Pity the prizes will only get shipped in the US, I really wanted a Microsoft Rubik cube! Maybe I could just create a podcast of this post and get noticed that way ;-).

On a serious note Gretchen and the team at JobsBlog have just pushed the envelope even further when it comes to recruiting and blogs. Geeks love to show off, build stuff and general geek out. By running a competition like that they are going to get all sorts of fantastic entries which will highlight a person’s skills in a way that no traditional interviewing process could. I hope they share the results with the other Microsoft businesses.


I found another great item from the SDN Weblogs on how to use AJAX with to create a simple BSP application that returns the user records from R/3. A very cool example.

In fact I am getting so use to AJAX style applications (Gmail, Google Maps etc) that non AJAX applications are a pain. This does not even begin to cover the applications that are yet to even work out basic DHTML to create an appealing user interface. For example having to refresh the whole menu just to example to a lower level of the menu tree! On a “slowish” link this is very painful.

For HR and employee facing applications that need to be built in a fashion that make them VERY easy to use. Technologies like DHTML and now AJAX provide application developers with the tools to provide employees with an amazing user experience. Now overlay RSS, and OPML and you can build some very cool tools.