A new HR feed aggregator

Oliver Davoust has created another HR feed aggregator. His service offers summary text from posts directing readers back to the original blog to read the full story. The service is primarily designed for the French marketplace as a service for job seekers. A good vertical use of a feed aggregator.

links for 2005-08-27

ContingentWorkforce.Org Taleo Launches Taleo Research to look into how TMS is being used in organisations, look forward to seeing some fo the results (tags: TMS recruitment Taleo) Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: Blogs, Forums, Us and Them What is the real difference between a blog and a forum? (tags: blog forum collaboration learning)


Dub Dubs provides a fantastic run down of what to expect from Oracle over the next few years as they struggle to combine Oracle , PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. If you have anything to do with HR Systems in a medium to large organisation this is a must read. In summary: version of PeopleSoft &Continue reading “Fusion”