Blog directories and search

We really need a better method of finding new blogs I want to keep up but find if hard to track new blogs down.

Yes we have Technorati, Feedster, IceRocker, Bloglines, PubSub etc but they just don’t seem to work for me. I want a meta classification environment of blogs, not at post level as someone might post today about learning but that is a one off.

I have created an OPML file of the HR related blogs I have found and I know there are other similar lists out there. SoulSoup has a list of Edublogs, Blogdigger has a similar list. James Famer has 700+ at EduBlogs (we are still awaiting to consolidated OPML listing James) which seems to grow at a daily rate.

The growth in blog numbers is making it very difficult to keep up and I find that the key word services from the above blog search tools are so full of blog spam that they have become unusable.

Do we already have something that I don’t know about?

Is Australia listening?

Jorge from Blogging from Hudson is on a similar thought path to me around Australian job boards sleeping!

If you are listening let us know! Maybe I should right an open letter to them, it seemed to have worked for Joel.

Jorge also goes onto to talk about how to make some very similar points from my presentation earlier this week, very cool to see someone else from Australia on the same wavelength.

Presentation available

I have put the presentation from Thursday up on my site it is available in two formats, online and PDF. The online version has been created using Microsoft’s “Save As Web page” function in Powerpoint, and of course only really works on IE, it will display in Firefox but not very well hence why there is a PDF version.

I would be interested in any feedback and comments on it.

I also want to once again note that I based a fair amount around the CareerXRoads Job Seeker Survey, so if you like what you see in the presentation, check them out as well (there is my own work in there as well 🙂 ).

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