Wearable resume?

Yesterday in Radar I came across a very unique resume created by Yann Guerin a freelance video producer. Yann printed his resume on T-Shirts and then wears them wherever he goes, he even provided some to his friends for additional advertising.

While the concept probably would not work for everyone it reminds me of how much your resume is really an advertisement of you and your skills. With the high volumes of resumes that are submitted for many jobs these days, due to technology making it very easy to apply, the ability to standard out from the crowd is very important.

Top Ten Workplace/Workforce Forecasts for 2005

Following on from yesterday’s post on 10 trends for 10 years, today I am looking at workplace/workforce trends for 2005 (via The HR Blog) and yes I know we are half way through but I just found the article. The list comes from The Herman Group who published a similar list for 2004 with very similar trends that did not happen in 2004, a side effect of trying to predict the future.

  1. Employment Market Turbulence
  2. Employment will become a Seller’s Market
  3. More Jobs and Workers will move Globally
  4. Traditional Retirement will Continue its Metamorphosis
  5. Training and education will accelerate
  6. The Leadership Deficit will be Crippling
  7. Flexible Employment will gain Popularity
  8. The Role of Women in work will Transform
  9. Advantage of Strategic Agility
  10. Workers will become More Independent

I feel many of the predictions are a bit ambitious to happen in one year(as has been seen from the 2004 list) and it will more than likely take another 2 – 5 years (if not longer). However as a trend they are spot on and should be seen as a general direction that all employers should be aware of.

Australian Industrial Relations Reform

There are lots of changes on the cards with the new IR reforms that the current government in Australia are proposing. These changes are becoming one of the most hotly debated issues (free sub req) for a while and seem to be impacting the Government’s standings in the polls (free sub req). The changes a fairly broad and include the possibility to pay out annual leave. The ABC News Online has a story today about the changes with the ACTU claiming that the move is a slippery slope that should be avoided. The last quote from Sharan Burrows I find very interesting:-

“I cannot believe that we would seriously look at the American standard of two weeks when anybody knows that without annual leave, without weekends, family time is simply smashed,” she said.

“It seems incredible that in the face of all of the accepted knowledge about work and family pressures, that a government would even consider allowing the employers to effectively provide a two week break only for just a miniscule increase in take home pay.”

While I agree moves like these can lead to other changes over time, providing employees the flexibility for the different benefit packages based on their requirements is actually a positive move. Work life balance is not a singular aspect and one size does not always fit all.

SAP Workflow tips & hints

One for the SAP folks out there.

I came across a post within the SAP Developer Network Weblogs today on tips for developing workflows (reg required I think) by Alan Rickayzen. Over the last 8 years, thats right 8 years the SAP Workflow User Group has had an email list running and over that time have developed one of the most comprehensive listings of SAP workflow questions and answers known to mankind.

You can manually scan the archives from http://mailman.mit.edu/pipermail/sap-wug/, or Alan provides a fantastic search widget in his post to allow users to search the archives.

In case you do not want to register on SDN (if you work with SAP you should) here is the same search widget.

10 Trends for 10 Years

Oliver Thylmann refers to Larry Chase’s post on the top 10 trends for the next 10 years, with a bonus 11th. As Oliver says they are marketing focused but still very relevant to see where things might be going. Of real interest is how this will impact how people view your company as a place to work (aka employer of choice) and specifically within this recruitment.

  1. Pay Per Call Rings In
  2. Will prospective employees (you know the passive ones) be able to charge recruiters to contact them? Or will candidates have to pay to apply for jobs? Personally I don’t see either model happening but you never know. The ability to apply online has meant it is so easy for candidate to apply that recruiters are sometimes receiving hundreds if hot thousands of resumes for a single role. On the flip side given the growing skill shortages in some industries will candidates be the ones playing hard to get?

  3. Feed Marketing Flourishes
  4. We are seeing this happen already to RSS feeds of jobs appearing on a weekly if not daily basis. What other contact will HR need to look at to fuel this fire.

  5. Email Marketing Will Survive
  6. We are seeing the start of this with services like Jobster where email is being used to “market” jobs to passive candidates.

  7. Personal Agents Propagate
  8. Again this is happening already but it will change over the next few years. I see ATS vendors having to build in personal agents for recruiters that scan the internet continually chasing down possible candidates for those hard to fill or scare skill positions that will form the talent base “just in case”. Also job seekers will get more and more agent like services to help them hunt down the right job, not just focusing on the job but the organisation as a whole. If an employer does anything publicly it will impact their ability to attract candidates both in a positive and negative way.

  9. Reverb Marketing, In Stereo
  10. We will need to continue to use multiple methods of attracting candidates, from Google Ad words, sponsorship of podcasts, to traditional job ads. Will passive candidates actively block your job ads? How will that impact your attraction programs.

  11. Audio Blogs/Video Blogs (V-Blogs)
  12. We are already seeing this as well. I feel that certain types of industries will use these mechanisms more than others however all organisations will need to look at methods to open up the conversation with both employees and candidates, transparency is critical.

  13. IPTV Adds Interactivity
  14. Not sure on this one, but I am sure it will have an impact.

  15. Commercial Content On Demand
  16. The pull-marketing approach is certainly going to change the way recruiters work, targeted postings will become critical to ensure that the right candidates are attracted. I feel this relates back to feed marketing in point 2.

  17. Publishing Faces Tectonic Shifts
  18. Comes down to targeted audiences to ensure you get the best bang for your buck, look at 8 and 2. We have already seen a tectonic shift in how jobs are advertised in the last 10 years, over the next 10 we will see a similar change. If you use a broad brush approach you will not succeed and ensure up looking for a job yourself.

  19. Direct Marketers Will Take Over the Internet
  20. Recruiting organisations will need to talk more “of response rates by way of clickthroughs, cost per lead, cost per sale” to justify the job posting activities, if they aren’t already.

  21. Internet-Free Zones Become the Hot New Trend
  22. Ahh, work life balance comes into play here. Organisations are going to need to ensure they can provide a framework to allow employees to switch off, without adversely impacting how others in the organisation view that person.

It will be interesting to look back in 10 years and see if these changes have taken place and what the marketplace looks like.

2005 Workforce Technologies Survey

The Cedar group are running their 8th annual survey of workfacre technologies trends and activities. This year they are focusing on several new areas:-

This year we expand the survey to focus more deeply on emerging strategic human capital management applications, along with our prior focus on self service and portals. We also included questions about your overall service delivery approach, specifically covering plans for both in house and outsourced service delivery.

For the first time, we have also added a companion survey for business executives within your organization. We added this survey based on the increase we saw last year in business executive funding and we are looking to explore and report upon their needs as well as those reported by HRIT respondents. If there is a business executive in your organization that initiates or funds projects regarding HR Technologies, please pass this invitation along.

If you are involved in HR technology or know someone who is you should complete the survey, data collection continues until 16th July.

Desktop back up and running

Well sort of….

This morning I began the process of systematically diagnosing the problems, something always better done after a good night sleep. I unplugged all of the IDE devices and then through a process of elimination worked got the hard disk back without the CD. For a while I thought the problem was with the IDE cable so I got a new one from Dick Smith. Plugged the CD into the second IDE port and still no luck, at one point the PC would not boot again. Panic!! It seems that without the CD everything works fine, even the new keyboard which I am typing this post on.

So off to the shop for a new CD drive. I am going to look at one of the combined CD/DVD writer combos. I can then look to backing up on DVD.

I also found some good deals on eBay for internal drives (250GB) that you can add a casing for just of $250 which also seem like a good deal. A new backup process will be setup so if this does happen again at least I will have the data.

Dead desktop

Today we bought a funky new wireless keyboard and mouse the Logitech Wireless Desktop LX5o0 , something we have been meaning to do for a long time. Well tonight I unpacked it, plugged it all in (following the step be step instructions) turned our home PC back on……

wrrrr, clunk, clunk

“Invalid Boot disk or insert a new boot disk and restart”

Oh S#%t!

Quick get the original Windows CD to boot from. Nothing…

Find old Windows 98SE boot floopy. Yes! Booting…… Oh no C Drive Oh no CD drive! The Windows 98SE boot disk says there are no IDE devices connected.

Now when did I last back up? Too long ago!!

Screw driver time.

I am now 3 hours into the exercise, HD and CD out of case searching Google and trying all sorts of different options and still nothing!

It seems my IDE controller is dead, can that happen? By the clunking sound the HD might be toast as well.