Next week

Well for the next 8 days we (the family) will be spending every waking moment on planks hurtling down a mountain covered with snow while at night tucked away in our Snowy Mountains retreat at Charlotte Pass. Guess what, not blogging at all. In fact most modern day technology is not easily available. Mobile phonesContinue reading “Next week”

Recruiting in Australia (Part 1)

Over the last few weeks I have become very concerned about the state of the recruitment industry in Australia, in particular around IT although the comments will also hold true of other industries. I am preparing a few posts to work through the issues, mostly for my purposes but others might also benefit. (Had toContinue reading “Recruiting in Australia (Part 1)”

Frank asks where are all the Biztalker’s?

Here is comes a rant. Frank Arrigo is asking for all Biztalker’s please contact him about jobs at Microsoft Australia, he is joined by a few others. Pity there is nothing on the Microsoft Australia recruitment blog about this fact. The comments below are not directed personally to the blog but more to use itContinue reading “Frank asks where are all the Biztalker’s?”