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HR Blogs OPML file

I have updated the HR Blogs OPML file with some more blogs I have found over the last week or so, around about 200 blogs there for you to review. Several things to note:-

  • You can point most RSS readers directly at the file and they will load up all of the blogs in one go!
  • You can now view the file in Internet Explorer in a human friendly format, sorry I have not worked out how to get Firefox working, if you know how to fix this I would love to find out but my XSLT skills are very poor and I have had to reuse some files from Joshua Allen of
  • There is a permanent reference to the file now on my sidebar

Work life balance

I have recently added another page on my site for an essay I have been putting together over the last couple of months on WorkLife Balance. A short summary is below:-

On Line Opinion had a feature during May on Work Life balance. I originally wanted to submit an article for consideration, however life just got in the way and I had my own work life balance issue. In the interests of keeping as much balance as possible I decided not to write a few thousand words.

I have been reading the features over the last few weeks and still want to document my thoughts. The original “brief” from On Line Opinion was that there had been reports that Australia was finally getting the whole Work Life Balance thing right, I disagree. In a recent BRW article it seems others tend to agree that we are in fact going backwards.

The rest of the essay is here

What is Employment Acceleration?

Cameron & Mick are two very busy guys in the last 4 and a bit months they have released 29 different shows on The Podcast Network. One of the latest is Employment Acceleration, not 100% sure what the show is about but the short promo sounds interesting:-

We’re very excited to launch EMPLOYMENT ACCELERATION today, show #28 on TPN. Host John Byrne is one of the principals of a company dedicated to helping people find work so he knows a thing or two about the subject.

Is this a podcast on recruitment and job search?

Jobs in my network

No not my network, Gautam Ghosh’s. He is trialling the new Jobster service for invited job seekers to share jobs through their network. The service was launched a few weeks ago. The jobs are all from Microsoft and were advertised by Heather last week. Personally I like the sound of the Product Strategy job I just don’t have the skills nor do I live in Redmond.

As with the other Jobster services, it is by invitation only.

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