The future of recruiting

I have mentioned that before, the future of job/applicant search will be in Google, something I know Joel Cheesman agrees with.

Anyway it seems that this future is quickly becoming a reality, with rumours that Google to provide listings search. Joel does a good job of highlighting the relevant parts. While the item in Red Herring does not specifically mention jobs, they are an obvious move as there is real revenue to be had.

So what about the new entrants to vertical search and the dot jobs domain? In the end I do not think it will matter. Yes dot jobs will get a higher ranking in search results, if SHRM can keep the integrity of the TLD. The real impact will be is for the job seeker, this was highlighted by John Sumsers also mentions this in Driving Traffic 5. As both Joel and John mentioned if Google start listing jobs then search engine ranking will become a major factor. This will mean that recruiters will need to understand enough about search engine ranks to be able to work with the IT professionals who run their job sites to ensure the best ranking possible.

This will scare many recruiters.

6 thoughts on “The future of recruiting

  1. Laarni thanks for stopping by and your kind words about the site and the trackback from your site.

    Steven, nor will it scare job seekers.

  2. It shouldn’t scare them but it should open their mind to the fact that if it becomes incredibly easy to find the jobs then it will become much more imperative to differentiate yourself when you do apply. Clients will have more applications and will spend less and less time actually interacting with candidates personally to create a shortlist.

    Think Different will be very important. Character, education and self-knowledge and the ability to present that will be (and already is) of the utmost importance.

  3. Without a doubt but you can’t filter what isn’t there. The best candidates will continue to shun the effort required to please these systems if a better option is provided to them. That better option is the ability to be wanted by multiple employers. Being great removes the need to apply in most cases because when you are great they will find you.

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