Email registrations

It seems James Farmer has the same issues as I have around having to register to get access to information on a web site.

Ok for a commercial entity I understand registering the first time but everytime is a bit much, and a not for profit the question is just why? Are they all wanting to control who has access to their content from a copyright point of view, or are they building a mailing list, or a combination? I don’t know but it can get frustrating. Is this something we just have to put up with due to the commercial nature of the world.

On a similar topic bloggers are starting to question the value of full feeds vs excerpts (even James) and the concept of “fair use” around RSS feeds. Personally I think it comes down to Allan Jenkin’s categories of bloggersBlogging-for-Benjamins & Blogging-for-the-Sheer Hell of It“, currently if you want to make money you have excerpts to drive traffic to your site although this will change with the introduction of ads in RSS feeds.

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