links for 2005-06-29

Sarbanes-Oxley Report Report on SOX and the implact on finance professionals, also provides information on hiring of these people (tags: SOX recruitment) article Article from WorkIndex that talks about the impact blogs are having on HR professionals, quotes Joel Chessman and Gretchen Ledgard (tags: rss blogs recruitment HRM)

Commitment vs. Engagement

Dub Dubs writes a follow up to his analysis of Northwetern University study from earlier in the month. Where he was struggling with the differences between engagement and commitment, like many people. In his recent post Dubs is saying you cannot have engagement without commitment and just because you have commitment does not mean youContinue reading “Commitment vs. Engagement”

links for 2005-06-27

Australian IT – Microsoft ties RSS into Longhorn (Spencer Swartz in San Francisco, JUNE 27, 2005) From the Australian IT a lay-person’s view of what it means to have RSS built into Windows (tags: windows rss)

links for 2005-06-26

T+D Blog: Best you might’ve missed Eva has some interesting links that I really need to read when I get some time (tags: learning @READ&REVIEW) ยป Coalition of the unwilling | Steve Gillmor’s Inforouter | Steve Gillmor talks about his current feelings on Attention.xml (tags: attention.xml rss)