Corporate blogging and knowledge

Hugh Macleod has drawn a very simple picture what has lots of words to go with it that describes the beauty of corporate blogging.

So where is the knowledge bit?

By breaking through the membranes that Hugh discusses help the overall communication within an organisation, and opens the gates to the movement of knowledge to different groups and layers across the organisation. In fact you could almost say it is also facilitating learning, which is what happens when your share knowledge, people learn. This is all summed up in his points 11 and 12:-

11. The answer lies in “x”, the membrane that seperates A from B. The more porous the membrane, the easier it is for conversations between A and B, the internal and external, to happen. The easier for the conversations on both side of membrane “x” to adjust to the other, to become like the other.

12. And nothing, and I do mean nothing, pokes holes in the membrane better than blogs. You want porous? You got porous. Blogs punch holes in membranes like like it was Swiss cheese.

An interesting side thought is the organisational change impacts of the holes in the membrane. Many a manager holds onto their power by controlling the information provided to their employees. What happens when the internal membrane has a hole and the CEO or other C level executive blogs? Middle management gets very concerned, but that is for another day.

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