Crowded, polluted and a mess

Based on this article from The Sydney Morning Herald, why on earth would you want to live in Sydney? I kind of feel glad I now live in Melbourne. In reading the article it is hard to imagine why it was illegal until recently to install rain water tanks!

Tablet PC’s in Education

For the last 3 months I have been wanting a Tablet PC, specifically the Toshiba M200, and since returning from BlogTalk Downunder this want has increased. Why? Firstly I got to see Mick Stanic’s up close and personal and I got to use the iBurst wireless broadband. My personal view is Tablet PC + WirelessContinue reading “Tablet PC’s in Education”

To comment or not comment that is the question

James Farmer has begun to formulate some thoughts on the comments question posed by Mark Bernstein at Blogtalk Downunder, what a debate this will be! Having spent a fair bit of time discussing this with James during the conference it will be interesting to see where this goes and what the rest of blogosphere thinksContinue reading “To comment or not comment that is the question”