More on blog success

Amy Gahran posts on an interesting metric that Regina might be interested in, link per thousand circulation. While more suited for mainstream new sites or A-list bloggers it does begin to show how metrics can be developed to answer the question “How successful is my blog?”

Update:- Just found that Lee Lefever from CommonCraft is running an experiment on Google rankings for his web site and the words “social design”

Lawson & Ultimate should close up shop

Dub’s is calling for vendors like Lawson and Ultimate to just close up shop and go away. While this is a very bold statement he is not far from the mark.

Today when the major vendors are pumping millions and millions into their products it does become very hard for a second tier vendor to keep up, unless they have a very specific niche. This however does not limit new entrants, the issue with Lawson and others is they have an installed base which is hard to move.

Welcome to my new home

Welcome to my new WordPress blog at my new domain. I have been planning to move to a new domain for many months now and given what is going on at work where I might be without a job soon I thought it was time to get cracking. I have also become very disappointed with Blogger in the last few weeks, mainly around reliability and features, last week was the final straw. I wrote a nice long review of only to have Blogger die as I submitted the post, I could not go back (which sometimes saves the post) as Blogger was down.

So on Friday I bought a domain (or two) and in the last three days set up a very basic home for me to migrate to, so welcome. Over the coming weeks I will be added several more things to the domain and undertaking some customising of the WordPress environment (once I have learned what to do).

I have yet to decide if I will move my old posts here from what I have read the process seems easy enough but there are a few gotta’s to watch out for. Right now there is a pointer in all of the old posts to this new site.