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Registered last night for a new service called Jobs In HR. Jobs In HR is an Australian based service that emails jobs to subscribers on a weekly basis.

As of Mar 22 05 they had 3400 subscribers all receiving HR jobs on a weekly basis directly into their inbox. The jobs are ad free as the ad publisher is paying $A120 per ad for a month period, interestingly they exclude agency recruiter roles as they are classified as sales roles. Further they currently do not offer RSS feeds, however after contacting Vincent Ho from Jobs in HR he said they looked at it but doubted the wide spread addoption or RSS readers by HR professionals in Australia something I would have to agree with him on.

Great to see such a service, but I wonder about it’s long term viability if a job aggregator service like Indeed was to launch in Australia, in the meantime good luck to them.

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  1. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for mentioning Jobs in HR in your blog earlier this year. Just thought we might provide you with an update. As of 8 Dec 05 Jobs in HR has over 5000 subscribers to our weekly newsletter and slowly but surely the employers and recruiters are starting to understand the value of our product for reaching people whom they may not reach through the mainstream passive “Job Boards” and traditional advertising products.

    We are looking at RSS more favourably now for our site (since discovering Thunderbird). We’re considering it very seriously but concerned that it might stop people subscribing to our weekly bulletin if they can get an RSS feed. Our audience size (subscriber count) is very important from a marketing perspective, but if we are able to quantify how many people get an RSS feed from us we will go ahead with it.

    Congrats on a great blog BTW – I don’t know how you find the time for it with another full time job!

    Kind regards,
    Kevin Howard
    Job Media
    Publishers of Jobs in HR and Jobs in Planning

  2. Kevin,

    Fantastic news! I am subscribed and review it every week :-). Have a look at a service like FeedBurner which provides you statistics on the number of subscribers etc and even allows you to insert ads in the feeds. Drop me an email and maybe we can catch up and get you going on at least a trial.

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