Jobster has gone live

A new recruitment tool was launched overnight Jobster. They have been around for about 18 months and in the process raised $US10.5mil so what are they and what shall we expect from them?

Jobster is a new online recruitment service that joins together social networking and your network of contacts. What? Personal referrals basically. They are trying to tap into the passive job seeker market, a common trend at the moment. Good luck to them!

Oh and yes they have a blog.

#$#%#@ blogger

Just lost a nice post about Jobster and their launch today. Pressed the Publish Post button and got:-

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

This is the fourth post today that blogger has crapped out on me.

Mitch reviews Frog Creek job ad

Mitch Denny provides an interesting review of a job ad posted by Joe Spolsky of Frog Creek Software fame.

An great insight into how a candidate sees a job ad and if I read in between the lines the ad got Mitch’s attention. While he says he is not leaving, and he is in Melbourne and the job in New York, it still got attention something all recruiters want from a passive candidate.

Health agencies to trial ASP HRMS

The IT Australian had an article yesterday about Victorian Health Services looking to replace their existing HRMS systems for the six agencies by the end of March 2006. With the resulting vendor possibly having all the 60,000 employees.

The catch?

It must be an ASP thin client. I guess the client server vendors will be selling a citrix based solution. My previous employer might be well placed to compete in this tender, time will tell.

Employers & Blogs

Ahh, Tuesday night brings the weekly newsletter from Workforce Management. This week a couple of interesting things to report, you might need to subscribe to view them.

Firstly a survey for HR professionals looking at who within HR is involved in blogs, 70% (when I took the survey) said they did NOT participate nor read blogs within their industry and 11% were not sure or said it depended (what ever that means).

The second item is a article by Sam Greengard on blogs in the workplace. The article highlights some of the more high profiled firings around blogs and provides links to several good quality corporate blogs. A couple of very interesting quotes from Eugene Volokh profession of law at UCLA that employers in the US should be aware of:-

“Legal challenges arising out of terminations related to blogging are a vague and under-litigated area of law.”

“Companies must understand that this isn’t just a random hobby that a few people are engaging in. It’s becoming a mainstream and widespread form of communication, employers must recognize that unless they accommodate blogging, they risk losing good people.”

The article goes on to promote a clear policy for employees.

A great intro for HR professional who has never experienced blogs.

My Resume

Well tonight have begun thinking about what is going to happen post the takeover of my company (WMC) by BHP Billiton, I decided now is the time considering each have now made formal statements to the ASX. When I took the role at WMC I knew they were going to be taken over, the question was just by who. As things have happened, it all seems to be happening faster than I first thought. While there is not guarantee that I will be looking for a job in the next 6 months you never know when it comes to takeovers.

First step update my resume, for this I am going to undertake two actions. Firstly to develop the traditional MS Word version, the other manually in HR-XML. During the process I might actually hack together a small site that allows me to maintain both and generate the Word version on demand, but let’s not get too far ahead of myself here I actually need to update the document first :-). The challenge is going to be how to do it. The only web server I have at home is Linux, and I really only know enough ASP (not even ASP.Net!) and VB Script to get by, hmmm. I could always go for a Java based solution, but that seems to hard for a non-coder like myself.

Ok I have downloaded the OS Recruiter Java tar a I will see where it takes me, or maybe I should look at creating my own ePortfolio?

Blogs & Wikis by InfoWorld

InfoWorld has a good primer on the use of wikis and blogs within an enterprise. While for someone who has been around blogs and wikis for a while none of the information will seem new, it is a great introduction for new people. If you are looking to get them introduced into your company forward the link to others.

However what is useful for all is their Blog and Wiki Best Practices which can be viewed here. I have summarised below.
1. Choose the right tool
2. Enhance existing processes
3. Encourage honest and open voices
4. Establish policy
5. Support successful blogs
6. Plan for leaks
7. Review content regularly.