A Mac in a Lexus

Richard from the Gadget Lounge and The Gadget Show found this great item on a guy who installed a new Mini Mac in his Lexus.

Besides being very cool, it raises some interesting other uses of the Mini Mac, which is probably the vision Apple had for it in the first place. For example, my wife has always wanted a computer in the kitchen mounted in the benchtop, maybe now we can do this. LG has their top of the line fridges that have TV’s built in, a handy kind of person (not me) could build one themselves.

Many a geek out there probably could of done this before but the Mini Mac provides such a nice pre-packaged box for us all.


Gretchen stirred up a storm on her blog last year with a post on one page resumes for technical candidates. Over the course of the next two days she had lots and lots of comments.

What is really interesting was the HR-XML got a mention in the comments. Why is this cool? Because it was an techie who mentioned it because he wanted to put his resume into an XML format, used Google, found the standard. The next he did something I wished I had done, it was an aha moment, he looked for an easy to use solution to build his resume in XML. Back to Google and he found Microsoft has some tools already built for this.

Now the resulting solutions are a bit technical, however it go me thinking. In order to full endorse the HR-XML standard for resumes there really needs to be an easy method for candidates to create and store their resumes in XML format. I posted about this a while back on the benefits and usages when coupled with search engines. But forgot this critical point. A quick search in Google found several links for pieces of software and components that could help out. Now I am off the try some of these out.

On a side note my Google search also returned several recent articles that point to an increase in acceptance of HR-XML.

I annoyed Mitch, sorry

I think I upset Mitch Denny today (or was that yesterday?). Anyway I think I have finally fixed the comments on my blog. For the last few weeks I have been trying to get Haloscan comments to operate but the Blogger template was just not doing as I wanted it to. With the move to Melbourne and changing jobs things just got out of hand and I dropped the ball.

Anyway after Mitch’s comments I thought I must fix this, funny how things are not important until they are public 🙂

Personalised RSS

Great item from Enterprise RSS about the possible changes we could see in RSS. Essentially there could be multiple private RSS feeds based on the needs to a single individual or group of individuals.

This starts to move personalisation into RSS, if we all remember personalisation was “the thing” on the web in the late 90’s when retailers began using cookies to track what we did and the started to personalise the experience for us around this data. The biggest and the best at this is Amazon. Personalisation is also one of the important points when creating workforce portals.

Now if we overlay personalised RSS with the portal we certainly start get some interesting results. Policy changes can be distributed to people who need them, management reports delivered on demand etc etc.

mLearning and Smart Phones

Another gem from PubSub. Selena has recently begun a blog on her learnings about elearning, with several very good posts.

Her post on mLearning and smart phones. This follows on from my post on Macromedia and eLearning. Selena talks about her teaching of bakers in NZ, a perfect environment for some form of mlearning.

As Selena points out many of the technologies needed to achieve mLearning are available today, but they need integration into a seamless framework that will be easy for both the learner and the teacher to participate. The same goes for ePortfoilios and there usage within a learning framework. The work by people such as Brian Lamb and his friends using MT is a great start.