Common pitfalls when implementing eHR

I was looking at an old article that I wrote a couple of years ago about common pitfalls when implementing Human Resource (HR) technology, which I felt is still very relevant today. By HR technology I and referring to all people based systems, ie more than just payroll. Previously implementations of HR technology might impact a few administrators, while today’s new technologies can touch all employees and even service providers. In this environment the impact of a bad or sub-standard implementation is huge. In summary here are the 10 pitfalls:-

1. Loss of Personal Touch
2. Security
3. Change Management
4. Justification
5. Viewed as just a HR (or technology) program
6. Process Work
7. Data Management
8. Not enough ongoing support from both the business and technical
9. Long Delivery Time lines
10. Not viewing eHR as an enabler of change within HR

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