Deviance + Innovation = ?

Scott Aldred has been talking about how the timeframe between fringe dwellers and social acceptance is reducing and the associated impact within an organisation. Scott refers to an old article from FastCompany on how we should all be thinking more like a deviant as this is a source of innovation. In reading these items it gets me thinking about The Innovator’s Dilemma which profiles innovation and how organisations cope with it and how innovation from other organisations can destroy market leaders (recommended reading for anyone who works for a market leader).

If the lag between fringe dwellers and social acceptance is reducing this also means that the timeframe for organisations to accept new ideas has reduced. This results in a significant challenge for oranisational development professionals in implementing change in an organisation. Can the organisation afford to take too long to adapt? How do you assist your employees to adapt to the change? How do you know you are changing in the right direction, as you might have missed something on the fringe?

The issue that faces many over us is if you surf close to the fringe how do you stop yourself from a wipe out? However if you do not surf close to the fringe, innovation might become more difficult to find, and at what cost.

My thoughts. Think Deviant.

Now who should I take out for lunch?

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