Jonathan ate Kangaroo!

Sun’s CEO Jonathan Schwartz was in Australia last week, he writes about his visit and seems to have taken a liking to a portion of our national coat of arms. Well, good on him, kangaroo is fantastic, and with the over population of them if he feels inclined to eat a couple good.


Well then end of another interesting week. I have not had a chance to blog everything that I have been doing in the last couple of weeks, just too many exciting things. In summary, in reverse order:- Been following Web 2.0 on Feedster, some very cool stuff coming out. Playing with IPodder (all I needContinue reading “TGIF”

Another one bites the dust (Maybe)

Steve Rubel has an interesting item about a Delta Airline’s flight attendant who has been suspended for Photo Blogging. You just cannot be to careful what you do on your blog. It seems more and more people are ending up on the wrong side of their blog, IT workers, CEO’s, daughter’s US presidental candidates.