Changes in applicant tracking systems

Lou Adler talks about the benefits of hiring “non-active” candidates. A good article on overall recruiting “dos and don’ts” but also raises some interesting points about how to use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to track and find these non active candidates. However this process has been made harder in Australia with the privacy and anti-spam legislation now in force, but not out of the realms of possibilities for forward thinking organisations.

While he has also used the article as a plug for a new report his company has prepared still worth the read. (I was even sucked in to register to get a copy.)

Update:- Just reading Technical Careers @ Microsoft and Gretchen has been posting some counters to Zef Hamel who says Microsoft can’t hire good programmers. While not to enter into the debate, Gretchen highlights several practices that make sense in hiring any type of person. Read with Lou’s article it all kind of makes sense.