The HR Blog from BostonWorks Hiring Hub is a great place to pick up small tidbits of information on the HR world in North America.

Such as this entry on pre-interviewing tools that is based on a Dr John Sullivan article (anyone who knows Dr John realises that he knows his stuff when it comes to recruitment in High Tech North American firms).

Technical tests are used a lot within technology firms, especially programmer type roles, in fact the Moon Gals from Microsoft have a fantastic example of what such a test looks like and how an applicant can best “perform” during one. While focused on what Microsoft is looking for good viewing for any candidate.

Pre interview questionnaires as discussed by Dr John are used and the best method for delivering and reporting on the results is via the Web. HR can create templates based on the different job families within the organisation to help reduce the time required to get an questionnaire out to a candidate. If integrated into your recruitment solution the sending of the questionnaire request should happen automatically a hiring manager decides to interview a candidate.

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  1. A questionaire is a good tool use as an adjunct to an behavorial interview. The questions must be focused on the duties of the job and the essential personal skills/attributes which are necessary for a sucessful employee. I have been asked inappropriate and illegal questions on a questionaire. An illegal question is “What is your Marital Status?”, “What is you age or date of birth?”. An inappropriate question is “Who do you admire and why?”.

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