Changes in applicant tracking systems

Lou Adler talks about the benefits of hiring “non-active” candidates. A good article on overall recruiting “dos and don’ts” but also raises some interesting points about how to use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to track and find these non active candidates. However this process has been made harder in Australia with the privacy and anti-spamContinue reading “Changes in applicant tracking systems”

Sun requiring employees to sign guidelines on blogging

Steve Rubel talks on a Fortune article that states Sun employees will soon be required to agree to specific guidelines on blogging. Sounds like a good thing. Maybe. Does this mean soon Sun will require employees to sign a document allowing them to talk about work at a BBQ on Sunday afternoon, or at theContinue reading “Sun requiring employees to sign guidelines on blogging”

Technology decisions and other items

The Electronic Recruiting Exchange has an article by Kevin Wheeler on Recruiting technology decisions, while focused on recruitment software all of his point are relevant to any technology decision. Human Resources Magazine has several items this issue of interest. Firstly on next generation measurement systems, while it does not provide a lot of detail itContinue reading “Technology decisions and other items”