Telstra down

I find this very amusing, maybe I get need to get a life. I went to research when the Blackberry’s entered the Australian market (see next post), entered into my browser (IE 6) and got redirected to$SM$http%3a%2f%2ftelstra%2ecom%2f which promptly gave me “The page cannot be displayed” error. This got me thinking so IContinue reading “Telstra down”

Anti spam success

The BBC has a really intriguing article about an “average Joe” who is fighting back at those spamers who promise us riches for “helping” them they will help you out with a few million. The average Job in question is Mike and so far is up $80 on the scammers!


Back in Sydney from my week in Hong Kong. While very hot and humid it was a good trip, with successful outcomes from my meetings. What was very interesting was being there on the 7th anniversary of the handover. While much has not changed, there were massive protests over Beijing’s handling of Hong Kong andContinue reading “Home”