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Using Google Calendar

August 29th, 2006 · 5 Comments · Technology · 5,646 views

I recently upgraded the version of Norton Internet Security I have running at home, this has meant that I can now use Google’s Calendar on my home PC.

Now I am looking into how to use Google Calendar for our household calendar.  My vision, if you call it that, is to have a family calendar editable by both my wife and I.  Then we can both also have a personal calendar, synchronised to work calendaring systems and PDA’s.  This way we can both keep up to date on what is going one.  The final piece of the puzzle would be to get a mini-tablet PC attached to a bracket in the kitchen/family room so that we can view the calendar’s in the morning an evenings to ensure we don’t forget anything.  The mini-tablet PC would replace the old fashioned paper calendar that typically hangs in our kitchen.  (The other uses for such a device are massive but let’s keep to the calendaring side of things!)

So far I have achieved the following:-

  1. Got my work calendar sync’ing with my very old Palm Vx (very easy)
  2. Set up a personal calendar on Google (very easy)
  3. Set up a family calendar on Google (again very easy)
  4. Got my wife to use Google Calendar (a bit harder)
  5. Shared all 3 calendars so that we can both view each others personal calendar but both make changes to the family one (very easy)
  6. Tested Companion Link to see if I can sync my work calendar with my personal Google Calendar – FAILED.
  7. Now waiting for feedback from CompanionLink support.

I am not sure where the problem lies but my some of work calendar items are not appearing in the right time on my Google calendar, and my Google calendar items are not appearing in my work calendar. :-( 

I know I am not the only one looking for such an integrated solution.  Alex King has recently put a call out for an end to end calendaring solution.


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